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Cultural Heritage Imaging

Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI)

Mike Jennings and I had the fortunate experience to attend the half day training session at CHI on June 4th, 2012. This group of folks, Carla Schroer, Mark Mudge and Marlin Lum, are leading the way in RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging), Algorithmic Rendering, Photogrammetry and Digital Lab Notebook. They have a mission and are extending the vision across the globe. CHI Training

Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) drives development and adoption of practical digital imaging and preservation solutions for people passionate about saving humanity's treasures today, before they are lost.The principles that guide our work are leading to new and easy-to-learn imaging techniques that can be made available and accessible to people all over the world. By providing tools, technology, and training, CHI drives the adoption of new practices by a broad constituency, from major art museums to remote archaeological sites to fields in the natural sciences.

Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) fosters the development and adoption of technologies for digital capture and documentation of the world’s cultural, scientific, and artistic treasures. We do this by collaborating with experts from around the world in cultural preservation, natural history collections, computer imaging science, museum/library science, and data archiving. 

Personally, this half day session provided valuable information that I can utilize and begin on a journey of new understanding in RTI CHIwhich I hope to follow up on in the future. The team is very generous and open on sharing their intellectual property and are trying to make this technology something that every conservator and restorer can use in every day documention. I highly recommend going to their web site and learning about how and why they are making the valuable technology "user friendly".

CHI Technologies

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